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Why We Say "Hydrogen is father of Life”?

Water is a universal solution. Water has three states: solid, liquid, and gas. Water is a prerequisite for life, and it is also a necessary condition for life to perform basic functions. Water is the liquid of life and a necessary condition for life activities. With water there is life and vice versa. Whether human beings explore outer space has life is also based on the existence of water as one of the criteria.

There is no doubt about the importance of water. There is no life without water, but what many people don't know is that water is one of the most important basic nutrients for human beings. If there is water but no food, a person can live for one month, but if there is no water, three days are very dangerous. This is why the most basic reason for so-called golden 72 hours is many disaster relief. Water is the most basic tool for the body to maintain body temperature, absorb nutrients, and excrete waste. Almost all cellular metabolic processes must be performed in aqueous solution.

Human body water content is affected by factors such as age, gender, body shape, and height. Water accounts for about 55-75% of the body weight in adults. There are more women than men. The higher the age, the less water, the more fat, the less water. But we cannot simply use water content as a criterion for health. The ideal water content is the ideal level of cell maintenance function. About two thirds of the water is inside the cell, and the other third is outside the cell.

Maintaining optimal body water content is the most basic condition for long-term health and longevity. Every summer, the severe heat takes many lives. The main cause of death caused by high fever is dehydration, which is also a common cause of illness and death in the elderly and children. Infected patients with concurrent dehydration can significantly increase mortality. A small amount of dehydration in the body, such as 1-2% of body weight, can significantly affect athletic performance and cognitive function.

The water molecule is a herringbone structure. The oxygen atom and the two hydrogen atoms are respectively covalently bonded. The angle between the two hydrogen atoms of the water molecule and the oxygen atom is 104.45 degrees instead of the predicted 109.5 degrees. This is Because the oxygen atom has two other pairs of electrons, these electrons have a certain repulsion effect on the hydrogen nucleus (producing a squeezing effect).

Because the oxygen atom has a lone pair of electrons, it can attract a hydrogen atomic nucleus in another water molecule, forming a special attraction between molecules, which is a hydrogen bond. This is similar to two crossed magnetic rods. Each oxygen atom in the water molecule has two electrons on the negative electrode and two hydrogen atoms on the positive electrode. Each water molecule can form hydrogen bonds with 4 water molecules, so water can form a spatial network structure, that is, water molecule clusters. Many people use the size of water molecular clusters as a criterion for judging the quality of water, but this has not been recognized by the academic community.

The polarity of water molecules also makes the aqueous solution particularly easy to dissolve polar charged ions. For example, sodium chloride in water forms a binding structure with water in the form of positive and negative ions. A large number of water molecules are attracted around each ion, forming a hedgehog-like structure. The nature that water can form four hydrogen bonds is also one of the important reasons why life cannot be separated from water. Many biological molecules such as proteins and lipids form hydrogen bond structures with water and form a variety of biological forms. For example, cell membranes form stable structures based on their hydrophilic and hydrophobic properties. The core sustaining force of the double helix structure of DNA is various hydrogen bonds. The three-dimensional structure of a protein is an inevitable structure for hydrogen bonding. Without hydrogen bonds, there is no water that can maintain most properties such as liquids at room temperature, and life cannot occur without hydrogen bonds. Hydrogen bonding is also an important reason why water can be decomposed into hydrogen ions and hydroxide ions, which can make water appear acidic and alkaline.

Water has a molecular weight of 18, so there are 18 grams per mole of water molecules, which is a very light substance. A substance heavier than water, such as radon, can exhibit a gaseous state. The molecular weight of radon is 222 grams, which is 12 times that of water. This is because water can form hydrogen bonds, but tritium has no such ability.

The root of the hydrogen bond is the characteristic of the hydrogen atom. This nucleus has only one positively charged proton. After forming a covalent bond with an oxygen atom, the electron cloud will inevitably shift to one side of the hydrogen nucleus, and the other side will be polarized. Partially positive charge, such a structure will also be generated in other atoms, but not as high as the proportion of hydrogen atoms.

Hydrogen medicine adds more meaning to the relationship between water and life. Water is the mother of life, and oxygen is a very unique oxidant in nature and an indispensable substance for aerobic organisms. Hydrogen has a powerful reducing effect, and it is also a catalyst for life. It can be considered the father of life. A large number of studies have found that the birth of earth's life requires hydrogen as an electron donor, and it is also the energy foundation on which early life depends. In some extreme environments of the earth, such as underwater hot springs, where there is no sunlight or oxygen, there are many life forms, and these lives still rely on hydrogen as a carrier of energy exchange. Therefore, it can be said that hydrogen is the father of life, and cares for the formation and development of the earliest life.

Hydrogen and oxygen that make up water are important elements of life. Recognizing the importance of hydrogen to life depends on recent research in hydrogen medicine. Some people think that hydrogen and oxygen are yin and yang. Hydrogen and oxygen make up water as the result of yin and yang harmony, which is in accordance with the ancient Chinese yin and yang philosophy. The relationship between the three substances, hydrogen, oxygen and water, can also reflect the connotation of the evolution of the universe and the birth of life. . This view can be considered philosophically, but in any case, hydrogen, oxygen, and water are living materials, and they belong to the view of modern science.

Greatness is like water, made of hydrogen and oxygen; water is the mother of life, and hydrogen is the father of life!

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