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Why does hydrogen last for a short time?

Regardless of inhaling hydrogen or drinking hydrogen water, the residence time of hydrogen in the human body is relatively short, but the effect of hydrogen is relatively long. Why is this so?

After drinking hydrogen water, the hydrogen gas was absorbed into the bloodstream through the gastrointestinal tract and reached its peak within 15 minutes, but the hydrogen gas was almost completely evaporated after 1 hour. In such a short period of time, how can hydrogen exert a disease treatment effect or a health promotion effect. With the method of inhaling hydrogen, the hydrogen in the body can be maintained for a longer time, but once the inhalation is stopped, the volatilization time of the hydrogen will also disappear quickly. In short, the residence time of hydrogen in the body is relatively short. How does this short residence time produce a sustained effect?

After hydrogen enters the body for a short time, the reason may be that other effects are initiated. This activated effect has a sustained characteristic, similar to the long-term effects of anesthetic gases and drugs. As an improper example, we were slapped. It only takes a few seconds, but pain can last for a long time. Because a single slap hits the skin and subcutaneous tissue, this damage can produce a local inflammatory response, causing the damage to persist. In contrast, some methods of treatment and protection can also have a sustained effect with transient contact.

This effect may be related to immune response, gene expression, or protein activity. Evidence for whether hydrogen is a signaling molecule is lacking, but the possibility that hydrogen interferes with other cell signals is very high. Many scholars are not using methods such as gene expression, proteomics, or metabolomics to find molecules of interest, based on this reason. However, the central issue of the hydrogen biological effect mechanism is how hydrogen initiates this indirect effect, and through which molecules the initial effect is exerted.
We know that the human body itself has a strong ability to repair itself. Many drug treatments have only played a supporting role. The rehabilitation of the body requires the body's own repair ability. For example, our hands were cut, and as long as we debride and bandage, and suture if necessary, the wound can heal in one week without any medicine. In this process, the doctor mainly avoids wound infection through treatment, and the repair process mainly depends on the body's own healing ability.

After drinking hydrogen water, the hydrogen persists in the body for a short period of time, not even more than 1 hour in the human body, because animals have faster breathing cycles and shorter durations, so we can observe whether hydrogen can prevent diseases in the future to determine this. Strange phenomenon.

Although a short-term effect may produce a sustained effect, from the perspective of maximizing the effect, repeated use can produce a more sustained effect. Therefore, if you want to use hydrogen to get the best effect, you should always drink hydrogen water. I personally think that hydrogen water should be used as daily drinking water in the future, as if it is appropriate to exercise every day. This can get a greater effect.

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