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Why Hydrogen Can Treat Disease?

Hydrogen treatment of disease is not a suitable statement. It is necessary to determine by a national regulatory agency (such as the FDA) that a certain drug and method can treat the disease. At present, there is no such judgment, so the statement that hydrogen can treat the disease itself is not standardized.

Hydrogen treatment of diseases is currently only academically speaking, or it may have a role in treating diseases. The current evidence that hydrogen may be a drug or treat diseases includes a large number of cytological and animal disease models, and clinical studies of many human diseases have found that hydrogen has a disease treatment effect. These research evidences suggest that hydrogen may be used as a drug in humans Treatment of diseases. Attention is possible, not absolute.
Some people say that since there is evidence, why can't we say that hydrogen is a drug or can cure diseases. Because modern medicine operates according to evidence-based medicine, which means looking at evidence, but the evidence is divided into different levels. The highest level of evidence is a large-scale, multi-center, double-blind placebo-controlled study, and these studies are preferably multiple studies. Agencies report aggregated conclusions. There is no evidence of this scale in hydrogen medicine, so it cannot be judged that hydrogen can cure diseases. Recently, everyone noticed that the Chinese Academy of Sciences has just obtained a drug for Alzheimer's disease. Although this drug has undergone relatively large-scale clinical research, it is still not enough. , The security also needs to continue to observe, try it first, and then make a judgment based on the data used. Although many people have opinions on this, this is also a relatively large breakthrough in the field of drug development in China, and it is also a manifestation of the bold innovation of China's drug administration. Hydrogen medical research has a lower level of evidence than this drug study, and even conditional approval is far from enough.

If you ask "Hydrogen treats a disease, or maybe treats a disease, why?" It can be answered less rigorously. First, from the objective evidence, there are some preliminary research evidences for hydrogen treatment of diseases, especially the discovery of a certain therapeutic effect on a variety of human diseases, because a variety of diseases have effects, and they have mutually reinforcing significance. In conclusion, hydrogen can be treated. The second is that in theory, hydrogen is a typical biological gas, which has a certain effect on the human body or organism, or the effect of disease treatment is very likely. Many substances in the body can be converted into drugs for treating diseases. The most typical are some hormones, such as glucocorticoids, sex hormones, epinephrine, insulin, thyroxine and the like. Some energy nutrients, such as glucose, saline, and amino acids can be used as medicine. Some bioregulatory molecules such as vitamins and antibodies can also become drugs. Hydrogen is a bioregulatory molecule that has potential for regulating biochemical reactions. It is certainly possible to become a drug.

Of course, the concept of hydrogen treatment is greater than the essence, and still needs to be explored. Due to the huge biological safety of hydrogen, it provides more room for hydrogen for disease and health promotion, which is significantly better than other classic drugs. The so-called, "OK, try it first", hydrogen can be done like this.

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