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Shigeo Ohta

Shigeo Ohta, Chief Professor of the Institute of Geriatrics, Japan Medical University, was born in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan in 1951. Graduated from the Faculty of Science, University of Tokyo in 1974. After completing the doctoral degree in the Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Tokyo in 1979, he has been a researcher at the Institute of Life Center of the University of Basel in Switzerland, a lecturer and associate professor at the Autonomous Medical University, and has been serving since 1994. He discovered from more than 30 years of research that the functions of mitochondria are closely related to the physical and mental health of people. He is the most famous scientist in Japanese mitochondrial research. He has successively held the positions of Chairman of the Japanese Mitochondrial Society, Chairman of the Japanese Cell Death Society, and Chairman of the Hydrogen Molecular Biomedical Research Society. He has authored many books including "Coexistence with Mitochondria" (Kadokawa Shoten) and "The Power of Mitochondria" (Xinchao Co.), co-authored with the writer Setena Hideaki.

In the field of hydrogen biological effects, Professor Taida Naruo published the first study on the treatment of diseases with a small amount of hydrogen in the internationally renowned medical journal "Natural Medicine" in July 2007, and proposed a new concept of hydrogen selective oxidation and launched International research boom on hydrogen treatment of diseases. Since the publication of this article, it has attracted great attention from the international academic community. It has been cited more than 450 times. Many scholars from Japan, China, and the United States have been treating various diseases around breathing hydrogen, drinking hydrogen water, and injecting hydrogen saline. The evaluation of the effects has been extensively studied, and animal experiments have been used to prove that hydrogen has a therapeutic effect on more than 80 important diseases. Professor Ota co-founded the Journal of Medical Gas Research in May 2011 with Professor Zhang He, Professor Nakao from the United States, and Professor Sun Xuejun from China. It has become the leading journal for the publication of hydrogen biomedical research academic papers.

Professor Oda Narita is the founder of hydrogen biology. He not only proposed the theory of selective antioxidants for hydrogen to treat diseases, but also took the lead in internationally demonstrating the effects of hydrogen on cerebral ischemia, liver ischemia, myocardial ischemia, obesity, and Parkinson disease It has a therapeutic effect, actively cooperates with enterprises to develop hydrogen water and other related products, and establishes the first international hydrogen medical research center specializing in the biological effects of hydrogen under the sponsorship of the company. He also enthusiastically helps and guides young scholars to develop hydrogen biology. It also actively develops related hydrogen-related products, vigorously promotes the research of clinical hydrogen translational medicine in Japan, and writes a number of health-related genealogy books, which have played an irreplaceable role in the development of hydrogen biomedicine in Japan and internationally. Ota published 17 papers on hydrogen biology.

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