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Hydrogen is a selective anti-inflammatory molecule!

    Metabolic syndrome includes obesity, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, hyperglycemia, etc. These problems are often not taken seriously because they do not hurt or itch, but the high incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases can seriously endanger life, which is the cause of death in the current era. The first reason must be taken seriously.
    In the process of stroke and myocardial infarction caused by severe metabolic syndrome, arteriosclerosis is the most important pathophysiological process, so how to avoid and correct arteriosclerosis becomes an important disease prevention strategy. Various factors affecting arteriosclerosis have also received attention from scholars. The core problem is the inflammation and oxidative stress processes that occur around the arterial endothelium.
    A recent study published in Nature found that poor sleep is an important factor in the development of arteriosclerosis, and this process is mainly caused by poor sleep, which causes hypothalamic secretion of a neuropeptide hypocretin, or Sleep can interfere with the production of this neuropeptide. This neuropeptide is an anti-inflammatory molecule in the body that inhibits the production of leukemia that promotes inflammation in the bone marrow. This lack of neuropeptides leads to an increase in these inflammatory cells, and inflammatory cells accelerate the process of vascular inflammation, eventually leading to arteriosclerosis.       From a research point of view, if you can directly supplement this peptide hormone, you can prevent arteriosclerosis by fighting the inflammatory reaction caused by poor sleep.
    This research has a broader meaning. It can also be speculated that the inflammatory response is a key cause of many chronic diseases and even cancer. Sleeping badly interferes with the release of a hormone that can fight inflammation in the hypothalamus. Supplementing this hormone can prevent inflammation caused by poor sleep. It can prevent many inflammation-related chronic diseases, especially various metabolic chronic diseases. The logic is clear, but the direct use of this hormone will not bring adverse consequences, we really don't know, so don't be too optimistic first.
    For the source of inflammation, we can also have a strategy to use drugs that reduce or inhibit the inflammatory response, drugs that inhibit inflammation, we are not lacking, but these inflammations can not help us solve the problem of chronic inflammation, because Many anti-inflammatory effects are very serious side effects. Why can't it be used for chronic disease-related inflammation? The underlying cause is that the inflammatory immune response itself is also a key component of the body's immune system function, and interfering with the inflammatory response can have adverse consequences. For example, the immune system against this bacterial infection relies on this reaction. If the immune inflammatory response is strongly inhibited, it may lead to immunosuppression, which may increase the chance of bacterial infection. If you can make a more careful distinction between immune inflammation, relieve the parts that cause harm, and retain those functional responses, it becomes an important strategy for anti-inflammatory disease prevention. Many drug development studies are now based on this idea to find safer and milder anti-inflammatory drugs. Of course, this is not a smooth one. At present, the results are not so obvious.
    Under such a predicament, can we find a safe molecule that can resist inflammation, and the standard is that it can resist inflammation, but there are no obvious side effects. In fact, the anti-inflammatory effect of hydrogen is very clear, and it is not good because anti-inflammatory has obvious adverse consequences, which may be the ideal anti-inflammatory molecule we are looking for.
    In 2007, Japanese scholars discovered that hydrogen is a selective antioxidant when it was found that hydrogen inhalation has a biological effect. In fact, from the recent 12 years of research, the antioxidant effect of hydrogen may be an effect, not an essence. From the perspective of effect performance, I think it is more appropriate to define hydrogen as a selective anti-inflammatory substance.
    Hydrogen is the selective anti-inflammatory molecule that we dream of, fighting inflammation, no harm, chronic inflammation, what else except for hydrogen?


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