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To deal with the COVID-19, a strong combination of nitric oxide and hydrogen

To deal with the COVID-19, a strong combination of nitric oxide and hydrogen

Hydrogen has been used for SARS-CoV-2 treatment in China, and hydrogen and nitric oxide are also closely related. For example, studies have found that nitric oxide may be the downstream medium molecule that hydrogen plays a role. Animal model studies have found that hydrogen also has a therapeutic effect on pulmonary hypertension. It has a protective effect on vascular endothelial damage caused by persistent hypertension. More importantly, hydrogen can selectively neutralize hydroxyl radicals and nitrite anions. Studies have shown that the antiviral effect of nitric oxide does not depend on nitrite anions, which will lead to the antiviral process of nitrous oxide anions Only the cytotoxic effect occurs in hydrogen, and the special role of hydrogen in neutralizing nitrite anions is of special significance for alleviating the cytotoxicity of large amounts of nitric oxide. From the practical operation point of view, the method of combined inhalation of hydrogen and nitric oxide can be used, which may achieve the purpose of synergy.
The production of nitric oxide in the body requires normal cells and reaction systems. Hydrogen has a protective effect on endothelial cells and can maintain the function of endogenous nitric oxide. Some studies have found that hydrogen has a certain maintenance effect on the erectile function of male diabetic patients, which corresponds to the function of nitric oxide.

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